How SEO Helps With Developing Social Media Pages

How SEO Helps With Developing Social Media Pages

Some time ago SEO was used only on websites – it is a system of texts modification where you use special keywords to make those text visible in searching engines lists of websites. Every time when a person enters certain words into the search box, the engine starts its work and gives a user a long list of results with all the links that include those texts into their content. Over time this technology has been transferred to social media – and on social media people use tags to make information searchable. 

Today TikTok wins tons of attention from users all around the world, and people try to promote their pages here – this is why we are going to be using this social media platform as an example. However, the same methods (with little modifications) work on other social media too, so if you are interested in promoting your posts on Instagram or Facebook, this article will still be helpful to you. So, tags or hashtags are the same keywords written with the use of #, which signifies the tag itself. Hashtag can be anything at all, from a location, a hobby, a thing or a number, to a specific term that will help people to find exactly the info they need. In TikTok it is mostly used for trends, but other things are also being tagged – for example, countries and cities where people live, their specific hobbies, etc. 

How to gather hashtags correctly? In general, it is better to start with the widest term that characterizes the video you have just made, and move forwards to the narrowest one – this way you will be able to clearly see which words you are leaving out. And you should also remember about the fact that tags should be collected as decently as possible, including the words from the neighboring spheres. For example, if you’re putting forward something about fashion, you can also include tags that lead users to content about cosmetics and journeys. It is efficient, because normally people have a tree of interests, and not just a single “branch”. 

Plus, in TikTok (and on other social media websites as well) there are tags that are being used by everybody to just mark the time when the video was put forward. People use the year, or the month, or both of those, or they can use a tag that leads to a trend that was popular during that time (although the video itself has no bond with that trend whatsoever). All of that can be done and should be done, if you are looking for maximum attention from the viewers and if you are willing to quickly gather an audience for your profile. But this is not the only thing you can do: to help your profile have a head start on this social media platform, you can buy TikTok followers for your profile and cover your needs in a base of subs for further promotion. 

This service has lots of controversial reviews, but the thing is – if you purchase it correctly, your profile’s statistics rise and your videos start to get into recommendations of other people more frequently. To reach that result, you need to make sure that you buy real TikTok followers and that you are not working with the website that offers fakes instead of real profiles as subs. Distinguishing that is easy: all you need to do is look up reviews from previous buyers and talk to managers, who should be there for you on the promotional website. If none of those conditions are met, it is better to proceed looking for another company to purchase subs from. 

In TikTok tags, bought followers and ads from other TikTokers are the three main tools that you can use to spread a word about your content. There are no inner targeted ads such as Insta offers, no way to use groups and communities as on Facebook – so there are no reasons for you to ignore any of the previously listed tools for promotion. Don’t try to take on as many subs as possible though – it is better to combine them with the views for TikToks or any other service that will help you to develop your profile in a more natural way. 

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