How Еo Scale Your Blog Like A Startup

How Еo Scale Your Blog Like A Startup
It is considered that 95 percent of the bloggers fail to make an impact. Does it happen because there is too much content saturation or more competition on the internet nowadays? This might be the wrong answer. Blogging still has the potential to make money if you do it rightly and scale it like a startup.

How to scale the blog and grow it to generate revenue is the question that comes to many minds. Here are some key tips from Adam Enfroy, an expert blogger that has a monthly readership of 450,000 and evenue of $80k per month. The experts from professional essay writing services were also interested in the ways listed below.

Focus on Scaling Rather Than Writing:

The first thing Adam Enfroy came up with is that you need to put more focus on scaling and growth of your blog rather than writing hundreds of articles yourself. He said that he started his blog while he was doing a full-time job, almost 50 hours a week. The job made it difficult for him to give more time to his blog. This resulted in the outsourcing writing and editing component of the blog. This was not too costly as it gave him time to spend on building his relationship in the digital space.

He said that if he had written the blog himself, it might have taken away the time that he spent to scale up his business. That strategy worked perfectly for him as he started earning the same amount of money as he was earning from his job in just seven months.

So the key point here is you should spend more time scale up your blog rather than sitting in front of a computer writing all the content yourself.

Monetization Strategy in Place from Day 1:

The common mistake that many bloggers make is that they focus on their passion for writing and think of developing a monetization strategy later once they have enough content and traffic. According to Adam, it is not the right approach to do. As per him, most bloggers fail because they are unable to transit from writer to business owner. He suggested to chalk out a monetization strategy first and then start a blog. Doing it this way you have more chances to succeed rather than writing for years and burn yourself out with no success.

The three important ways to monetize your blog are content, keyword research, and affiliate market. Before starting a blog have a concrete plan to use all these methods to generate revenue from your blog. And if the right strategy is in place for your blog there is little chance that you will fail to scale it up.

Making Mistake is Not a Problem:

Nothing is perfect in this world and so is blogging. Everyone makes mistakes and learns from them. Adam said that he has also made a lot of mistakes in the past. So you just don’t have to worry about the mistake. What you need to do is to learn and gain experience with these mistakes. Taking mistakes positively and changing your strategy accordingly will help you to scale your blog just like a startup.

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