How Is Artificial Intelligence Used to Develop WordPress Website Design

How Is Artificial Intelligence Used to Develop WordPress Website Design

The idea behind artificial intelligence, in its simplest terms, is to make machines take over tasks that humans normally do. Not to completely replace human tasks, artificial intelligence-powered machines can take mundane tasks out of the way. Look at several examples of latest metaverse patent examples.

To do this, it uses a technology called Machine Learning which, as the name suggests, enables machines to learn from current data and base its future actions on the knowledge that it already has. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, although both are still in its infantile stages, are already being used in many sectors such as transportation, banking, online shopping, and many more. AI can even create faces that don’t exist in real life.

And not too long ago, Artificial Intelligence has already infiltrated the world of web design.

So let’s look at how artificial intelligence is transforming the development and design of websites.

Human Designers vs. AI Designers

Back then, developers need to make a set of guidelines, and machines will operate within those set of rules. As a result, any deviations that were not considered by the guidelines makes us think the machine is not functioning properly.

AI now uses an algorithm that allows the program to make up its own rules. And it’s changing how websites are created. 

Creating a website using artificial intelligence has its own name called artificial design intelligence. ADI recognizes data trends in creating a website and implement it in creating a website on its own.

Back then, it takes some advanced HTML coding skills, but then creating a website gradually developed into just drag-and-drop builders. You may already have seen this in Wix. Wix is leading ADI technology since 2016. Users simply need to select colors, add custom images, and add text. In this manner of website development, even website noobs can create their own websites easily. 

Comparing an actual human creating a website to an AI, the difference is in how fast it will take. Where humans will need weeks and even months to create one, an AI designer can create a website within just 30 seconds. 

Not only will a company save on time, but it can also save millions as it no longer needs manpower to create its own website. Additionally, AI-powered websites will require little maintenance.

WordPress and Artificial Intelligence

The AI technology already found its way in WordPress initially through plugins. There are three commonly used WordPress Plugins that are worth mentioning here as it paves the way for more advanced AI functionalities in website design.


WordPress AI assistants guide and assist customers based on the specific actions made on the site. It gets a mind map of the pages that the visitor clicks on and setup reactions based on this.


Almost every website that you can visit today has a message bot plugin installed in it. Message bots are powered by a technology called Natural Language Processing. NLP works by analyzing questions and matching it with corresponding well-defined specific answers. It is used by companies to answer frequently asked questions.

Message bots can communicate with customers even without the website owner or operator. Both AI assistants and message bot can improve customer service and answer customer queries 24/7. They are used to increase engagement and even increase sales. While message bots cannot completely replace human customer service, they are a good alternative during non-working hours and holidays.


AI-powered SEO tools like Wordlift help you improve the content to get better visibility. Where SEO specialists manually need to figure out which SEO integrations will be able to improve visibility, AI-powered tools can automatically do this.

Artificial Design Intelligence

Now onto ADI. The idea behind creating ADI is for it to copy how a human web designer thinks by observing existing websites.

ADI has to know what users want to see in the design and start from there in creating one from scratch.

There are three ways artificial intelligence is used in website design.


A responsive design repositions its styles so it matches an existing design pattern just like a website adjusting its properties so it functions properly on a mobile phone. An adaptive web design, however, tailor its design and formatting based on user needs. AI can suggest layout, design, style, and branding changes as it goes along.


It aims to create a more meaningful and rich customer experience. As we have mentioned earlier, in providing customized user experience, WordPress plugins such as chatbots and AI assistants to enhance user engagement and experience.


This feature will probably reshape the way to do the research and design. Whereas a content developer will have to read various data and summarizes it into one source, AI can incorporate Machine aided research to do this without hurdle. It will do the analysis itself and extracts the most important data into one concise and coherent content.

One example of ADI is Bookmarks’ AiDA or Artificial Design Intelligence Assistant. AIDA makes instant decisions through sophisticated deep learning reinforcements. It does this by tailoring to specific business industry needs, monitoring incoming visitors, etc.

AiDA also can monitor website analytics so that it can create user-profiles and develop engagement metrics to improve website design and performance for future customers. 

Many e-commerce sites and customer-centric web applications are relying on AI technologies to improve customer experience. And it makes sense that they are doing this as customer attention is becoming harder to maintain.

If your site cannot immediately provide what a user is looking for, they simply leave a site and look for another that meets their intent.

By adding features and tools that can make the customer’s experience worthwhile, it will make the customers stay longer on the website

If chatbots and AI assistants integrated into websites alone can improve on customer experience by being available any time that a customer visits the site, we can only imagine what future advancements can an AI-powered website can do in the future.

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