How Advanced Websites Have Made Background Checks Easier in Australia

How Advanced Websites Have Made Background Checks Easier in Australia
With over 95% of employers carrying, at least, one form of background check on potential hires, it’s indisputable the benefits they offer. Screening checks help employers verify that potential hires are who they say they are and that their past experiences have prepared them to adequately execute their new roles. Depending on the specific job role, that’s why employers carry out:

  • Educational verification checks
  • Previous employment checks
  • Criminal history checks
  • Driving records
  • Credit history check and more

However, in the last decade, the proliferation of advanced websites for background checks has been the most significant factor for the increasing popularity of screening checks among employers. They make it easy for employers to access robust databases to pull information about prospective employees or even current employees within minutes.

Here’s how advanced websites have made background checks easier in Australia:

A stress-free experience

Gone are the days when you had to fill out long paperwork and stand in a physical queue at the NSW police station just to obtain a police check australia. From the comfort of their offices, employers can request for national police checks and get the report within 48 hours.

Faster than ever

Background checks used to take ages. But in today’s fast-paced world, a slow screening process can cause an employer to lose a great candidate to another employer. Thankfully, with advanced websites, it’s easy for employers to initiate a background check and get the result promptly. Most background checks, including, police checks, criminal history checks, credit history usually take less than a week to complete.

Meeting the growing demand for rescreening employees.

There’s a reason only 37% of employers have a routine rescreening process in place for current employees. In the past, background checks used to be so stressful that it was mostly done only at the point of entry.

However, employers are beginning to recognize that rescreening current employees is very important because people do change, so it’s important to keep up with the major changes in their employees’ lives. With advanced background checks websites, it’s now possible for employers to effectively implement rescreening practices into their HR policies.

No location barrier

Irrespective of where an applicant is situated in Australia, HR managers can easily obtain information about that person - thanks to advanced background check websites. Even as the workforce is becoming more international in its makeup, advanced websites make it easy for employers to carry out checks on people from a foreign country.

Wider range of options

Any savvy employer will know that background checks have to be relevant to the role in question. While credit history is necessary for a financial role, it may not be for a driving role. That means that employers have to carry out different sets of checks based on several positions. This can be stressful and it explains why many employers only stick with one form of checks (the most common being criminal history checks, which 86% of employers carry out). But with advanced background check websites, carrying out all the necessary checks for a role is now practical.

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