Every SEO Professional Needs To Know How Well Their WP Site Ranks For Their Targeted Keywords

Every SEO Professional Needs To Know How Well Their WP Site Ranks For Their Targeted Keywords

Rankings in search engine optimization refer to the position of a website on Google when a user uses a certain keyword or phrase. Keywords are basically ideas or topics that define what a site’s content is all about, so they have to be relevant for what people are searching for. If you’re dealing with your own WordPress website or that of the company you work for as an SEO professional, you’ll want to know where it stands when it comes down to search engine rankings. Knowing this kind of information helps improve the odds of reaching the target audience and figure out what digital marketing strategies work.

Close monitoring will help you understand what keywords produce consistent results, which can be included on Web pages that aren’t ranking well and blog posts. To be more precise, you’ll be able to improve your site’s ranking, target top-notch traffic in your organic or paid search campaigns, and, most importantly, capture Internet users’ attention. You can manually detect the position of a WP website or URL in the search engine. But that involves a great deal of time and effort. It would be preferable to use a keyword rank checker. It’s a neat tool that shows you by which keywords your site ranks in the SERPs and on what position.

Ready to check keyword rankings on Google? Use Rankchecker.io

Using a reliable keyword rank checker allows you to spend less time identifying keyword statistics and investing more time and energy into analyzing the results and optimizing the site for SEO. If you happen to be on a tight budget, it’s recommended to use a solution such as Rankchecker.io. The web-based tool allows anyone ranging from webmasters to SEO professionals to monitor website search engine rankings and ensure long-term success with search engines like Google. You can immediately react to the changes in results and redo the site’s SEO to achieve the best outcomes. If you can’t afford to sign up for a costly monthly subscription, then don’t. This keyword rank checker is free of charge.

For a long time, companies such as Ahrefs have been number one as far as software solutions are concerned. Nevertheless, the competition is catching up, meaning that other companies are bringing forward powerful alternatives. Rank Checker is one such example. The solution the company makes available – Rankchecker.io, in other words – is specifically designed for Google.it retrieves rankings for keywords and pages and stores them for easy comparison. You can obtain detailed ranking reports at the click of a button. Rather than deploying a generic keyword rank checker, you’re better off using a tool that’s been specifically designed for Google.

Checking positions itself is no rocket science  

If you’re thinking about attracting international visitors, Google.com is a great choice. You can reach out to visitors across specific geographic locations, overcome language barriers, and so on. To get a comprehensive report on your WordPress website’s ranking, and keep track of competitors’ rankings, just type in the keyword/keywords and your site’s name. You can make a request every 15 minutes or so. The best part is that the results are sent by email. In spite of the fact that Rankchecker.io doesn’t have a brand name behind it, it does a wonderful job. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever come across a free tool that offers such advanced features.

With the right tool, you don’t have to do any guesswork. You can easily pinpoint what keywords your website ranks for and plan your next moves. The content won’t fail to gain visibility in the SERPs. With all the recent algorithm changes, your efforts don’t have the same impact they used to have. Using one tactic or the other doesn’t guarantee the best results for your WP site. It’s paramount to make continuous improvements and monitor performance. Tools like Rankchecker.io help in multiple ways search engine optimization is an ever-changing landscape and what you’re doing today might not work tomorrow.

What are the advantages of using a keyword rank checker?

Identifying what works and what doesn’t work to drive organic traffic

Google is becoming smarter and smarter, which means that it’s harder than ever to build a Google algorithm update SEO-resistant strategy. Those who rely on organic search traffic to survive have a really hard time because the SERPs are changing constantly, and not for the better. Not only does keyword tracking enable you to determine your site’s performance in the search engine but also identify the techniques that work and those that are of no value from an SEO standpoint. Accurate data helps paint a picture and figure out whether or not your efforts are helping generate organic traffic.

Monitoring the competition

If you keep a close eye on the right metrics, you’ll know what pages and posts of the site drive conversions. This information can be used in tandem with keyword rankings to find opportunities to generate even more conversions. The ratio of conversions to the website will go in the desired direction. Monitoring the keywords used by the competition is a great way to spark ideas for creating an action plan. For instance, if you’re a web-based retailer selling computers, you’ve got a small list of keywords you want to rank for. You don’t want to compete for the highest-volume keywords.

Understanding sudden traffic drops

If you’re an SEO professional or WordPress site owner, you’ve most certainly dealt with unexpected traffic drops, which you can’t possibly explain. Well, the keyword ranking report will help you understand what’s causing the traffic drops. You can re-optimize the page/pages and reclaim lost rankings as opposed to losing days trying to figure out what the problem is. With the help of a keyword rank checker, you can see if there are any similarities between the affected Web pages and if you were penalized by an algorithm update.
All in all, using a keyword rank checker does come in handy. So, what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the game.
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