Diving Deeper Into PPC

Diving Deeper Into PPC

PPC campaigns are extremely useful in the digital marketing campaigns of law firms because they present a direct "call-to-action" to potential customers. However, if you don't run a PPC campaign strategically or they are run by an automated robot tool, they can be quite expensive as well as ineffective. This can dissuade you to use digital marketing techniques down the line which can result in valuable ROI earnings from well-crafted campaigns.

 As you can see, PPC advertising is very similar to display advertising in that you can pay for a quality spot in a search engine. Unlike traditional or digital display advertising, your message is not seen by millions of wandering eyes but by a tight-knit group of targeted individuals that might be excellent candidates for the specific service that you are offering. For example, if you feel that you would like to offer "attorney services for home insurance claims in Atlanta, Georgia", you can specifically word the advertisement as well as the geographic features of the advertisement in order to hit the audience that needs this particular service. Your offer will jump to the top of the search page, increasing the chances that an individual clicks on your website and are taken down the funnel towards a possible deal.

And PPC isn't only a Google thing. It can be used on Facebook as well and you might be able to be more successful purely thanks to their robust business features like personalized advertisement targeting. For example, in the Facebook advertising tools, you can run an ad on people that are fans of a particular public figure like Dr. Oz and who also live in the Grand Rapids area. This becomes incredibly powerful the more you are able to pare down the marketing as well as the message for a truly personalized advertisement that can get potential clients to click automatically.

Doing a PPC campaign on any number of platforms might sound easy enough but don't be fooled by this. PPC advertising is an art as well as a science. It is an art in that you need to be creative when it comes down to delivering the right message to the right person. It is a science in that it takes a lot of experimentation to optimize and get the most amount of return on your initial investment. Years of experience in content writing, copywriting, and A/B testing are just a few requirements for growth marketers to work at top digital marketing agencies. The time spent practicing on other campaigns specific to the platform and seeing what works as well as what doesn't and why gives these marketers an edge when it comes marketing over a beginner that is just opening the tool for the first time. The time required to master the tools as well is also another reason why legal firms can benefit from full-time PPC advertisers.

As you can see, there are great benefits to utilizing both PPC and SEO strategies when crafting your digital marketing campaigns. While SEO is optimal for long-term marketing tactics in your preferred region, PPC is a great way to test new markets as well as achieve fast results. Just be sure you are partnering with a skilled PPC team before you decide to invest in this powerful form of advertising.
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