Creating A Gaming Website: 7 Easy Steps

Creating A Gaming Website: 7 Easy Steps

The demand for e-gaming platforms is greater today than ever before. With millions of people globally spending their pastime playing MMOs, FPS, and RTS games, there has never been a better time to create a gaming website. This is irrespective of whether you choose a single-player, multiplayer, social gaming, or iGaming niche.

7 Easy Steps to Create a Gaming Website

Before we list down seven steps for creating a gaming website, let's first answer the million-dollar question—is a gaming website necessary?

If you want to become relevant in the gaming industry, you must first polish your coding skills and acquaint yourself with technologies like HTML5. Most popular games on the mobile scene first gain their fame as web-based games.

Here are is how to get your gaming website up and running:

1. Select a Gaming Theme

Choosing the best gaming theme allows you to bring your ideas to life. For instance, you could select an epic or ultra-modern theme as the foundation for your game. This enables you to be purposeful when choosing other customization options like pre-built page templates and high-quality tools.

The most important goal is to keep the theme attractive and the writings legible. Remember that the gaming theme you choose may also affect other decisions, including your content and even your domain name.

Suppose you are worried about the compatibility of generic game-related themes with the features you want to add to your website. In that case, it is safer to consider using a magazine template. This gives you more flexibility to use plugins, including the features you want, and change your theme whenever necessary.

2. Design the Site's Content

The next step is to design your website's content. Decide what kind of site you want to make, e.g., a gaming blog, game review site, community hub site, or a pro gaming site, among other options. Again, your choice may dictate other options like the right web host and the marketing strategies to employ.

Irrespective of your goals, ensuring your content is designed to suit a target audience or buyer persona is crucial. For instance, you can attract pro gamers by providing content that addresses their needs. On the other hand, an easy-to-understand language is more likely to attract beginner gamers.

It never hurts to check out your competition or like-minded brands to get a few clues on attracting targeted audiences and engaging them for longer. Once you understand the basics, it will be easier to devise and implement fresh ideas on your site.

3. Register Your Domain Name

A gaming website is a serious business, but you can have fun choosing a domain name. You could opt to capture your brand message or pick a name with an attractive ring to it.

Some funny game site names include Gamer Guyz, Console Jam, Mr. Me, and Just Passing Through. You could even opt for an out-of-the-box name like Kotaku or Destructoid. Just ensure that your domain name of choice is available and it resonates with the website you want to create.

Once you have your domain name, it's time to choose a domain extension. The TLD is the series of letters at the right of your domain name, right after the dot. Because you are launching a gaming website, stick to .com. It is the most popular choice for gaming sites, irrespective of whether the website is meant to generate revenue.

4. Get a Web Hosting Service

When choosing a web host, it is vital to choose a company with a reputation for its high performance, fast loading, server speeds, and uptime guarantee. Web hosts like Hostinger and Siteground offer shared hosting at incredibly low rates per month. They also allow upgrading to a VPS or dedicated hosting service as your site needs grow.

Shared hosting plans are affordable, although they may not be the best for your gaming website. It pays to choose a service plan that offers more bandwidth, SSD storage, and security features. Generally, VPS or dedicated hosting plans are better optimized to cater to the demands of gaming websites.

5. Choose a Website Builder

A website builder offers the perfect solution for creating a gaming website without hiring a web developer. Some of the best options include WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Zyro.

Each platform is unique in terms of ease of use, pricing, design, features, data ownership, and customer support. It is crucial to consider each option's pros and cons and, most importantly, your web-building skill levels.

One of the best platforms to consider is WordPress. The platform gives you total control of every aspect of your site, and you can build any type of gaming website. Moreover, the platform offers a range of pre-made themes to make your work easier when setting up your website's design.

The best part is that you don't need coding expertise to create a customized website, and you can use most features with a simple drag and drop.

6. Give Your Gaming Website a Personalized Touch with Plugins

Customizing your website is where the real fun begins. You can add engaging content and photos on the homepage and even create a blog page where you share the latest gaming news with your visitors. Be sure to also create an About US page and include information about your brand's mission, vision, and contact details.

Installing gaming plugins helps to add more functionality to your website. For instance, you can display and manage gaming reviews on the website using the Product Review Lite plugin by WordPress. The website builder also allows you to add a WooCommerce plugin and sell gaming products like Lost Ark gold on your site.

Again, WordPress is one of the best website builders because it gives you access to over 59,000 plugins that can come in handy when creating your gaming website. You could even include social media tools, contact forms, a shopping cart, live chat, or a photo gallery. You can streamline your operations by connecting your site with popular business tools.

7. Go live!

Depending on your web host, you can stage your website and review all updates and changes before going live. Once everything is in place, it's time to share your site with the world!

If you are using a web host, going live takes one click of a button. The web host will "host" your site's files on its servers and allow access to your site's visitors. Because the servers of web host companies are maintained round the clock, you only need to pay a monthly fee to ensure your website is live on the internet 24/7.

Final Thoughts

Creating a gaming website without some web development know-how can be challenging but not impossible. There are numerous reputable and affordable service providers you will bump into to make each process a little easier. A gaming website can be a great source of stable revenue or help you grow personally by connecting you with like-minded people.

If you are looking to make some big bucks or a fulfilling hobby from your gaming site, we hope this post has given you a clear perspective of the steps to take. Drop a comment below and let us know if you found this guide helpful.

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