Best WordPress SEO Tips & Techniques to Boost Rankings

Best WordPress SEO Tips & Techniques to Boost Rankings
As you may have heard, figuring out how to best optimize search engine results to your favor is one of the leading ways of getting your website out there to the world. Almost every single business that runs a successful website has been implementing this virtual marketing strategy to its favor as soon as they heard about it. This article is going to talk about the things you can do for your WordPress website by using SEOs and how to best put them to use.

Here Are 8 SEO Tips & Tricks That Will Massively Increase Your Rankings:

Choose a WordPress SEO Friendly Theme For Your Website

First and foremost, you have to be sure that the template and the theme that you’ve chosen through WordPress is compatible with SEOs. Picking one that runs quickly and smoothly is a very crucial key here, as responsiveness is often the key factor between you being interested or disinterested in a website. Apart from that, a lot of themes aren’t mobile-friendly, and most users choose to access websites through their smartphones and mobile devices, so it's extremely recommended that you choose a theme that is capable of running on any given device.

Get Yourself An SSL Certificate As Soon As Possible

If you don’t know this already, Google has marked any website that isn’t HTTPS as non-secure on Google Chrome. That means that when anyone visits your website on that browser, they won’t see the assuring green lock on their browser as they enter your website, along with potentially getting a security warning while on any one of your pages. That’s never comforting for anyone wandering through your website and you should get this SSL certificate as quickly as you can as a website with insecure connections is a website that won’t get much attention from search engines or people wandering on it.

Figure Out Your Target Audience’s Favorite Keywords

Wanting people to access your website more often means you have to go to these people and get them to see you. You'll only be able to do that if you narrow down the people you want on your website. Study who you want to find scrolling through your website and then find out what they search for online and optimize your website to fit the keywords that they often use while searching for specific products. If a fisher is always searching for “Cheap fishing bait Canada” and you offer that very thing, you need to optimize your website to fit those keywords exactly so that when they search for that product, they can find you.

Pick The Right Optimizer For You

Setting out to get the best results and the highest amount of traffic on your website can sometimes be a daunting task if you have to seek out the help of so many different SEO optimizers. Figure out what you need in terms of objectives for your SEO and then start researching all around you to find one that suits your needs. The best way to find out if you're going to enjoy your experience with an optimizer is if you look at what others have to say about them. Optimizing professionals over at Thunderhawk SEO display an entire list of client experiences to gain your trust by showing you third-party reviews. Look for SEOs that want you to have a good experience with positive results rather than just an average one.

Fix Any Problems With Your Website Quickly

Simply put, if there's an inactive page on your website, you need to get it up and running as soon as you can as any downtime on that page is costing you in terms of potential people accessing it and rankings on search engines. Be quick on any maintenance on the website as there's never any time to lose.

Edit All The Images On Your Website

After picking out the keywords you want to be working with, go back to every picture on your website and rename them after those keywords. That helps all your images be relevant in any search that pops up online. Compress all your images too without losing any quality and keeping them as HD as you can get them to be. Smaller sized pictures will take less time to load and won’t inconvenience anyone with a long loading time on your website.

Constantly Check Your Analytics

To see results you must first look at your starting point. Keep track of everything that goes on in your website through looking at your analytics as often as you need to. There are multiple different add-ons and software applications that help you perform this task, there's even a Google add-on available. Look at what pages get the most traffic and act according to the information that you have.

Play Around With Internal Linking

What most successful websites do is they keep you circling the same website for as long as they can by diverting your attention from one aspect of the website to the other through linking you to different pages on the same website. They take the attention you had towards a random thing and provide different links to another question that you may have. They keep taking you down that cycle until you find out that you’ve explored so many different pages on the same website without you even noticing. This gets you a lot of traffic on your website extremely easily and sends anyone who visits your website down a metaphorical wormhole of content to explore.

You don’t necessarily need to implement every single tip and trick you read online to achieve high rankings on search engines. You can start by applying one at a time and checking out your results, as some are way more difficult than others. Remember to keep trying to improve the content on the website itself, as search engines bring people to you, but you have the main duty of keeping them there without them losing interest or finding out that your website isn’t what they needed.

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