Best Ways To Drive More LinkedIn Traffic To Your Wordpress Blog

Best Ways To Drive More LinkedIn Traffic To Your Wordpress Blog
Utilizing social media and getting actual results is among the most daunting things for someone who is marketing a service or product. Anybody can just go out and easily acquire commercials, but not all companies have this kind of knowledge and budget.

The great news is that even if you're inexperienced in the field, results can possibly be achieved, it just takes a little time and perseverance. In this article, we're going to show you the four best ways to use LinkedIn to push your website traffic and professional leads.

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1. Build Social Proof By Leveraging on LinkedIn Likes

Social Proof is among the prominent influencers used by people when deciding with whom to do business through the web. People look at other consumers' interactions, and that's why articles and celebrity promotions for brands have been so useful and strong for decades.

Social proof, in addition, is one of the key reasons why social networking itself has become so popular. We saw our mates, relatives and other professionals utilizing it. This can indeed make a big difference in your marketing success by mastering this concept.

In Linkedin, if a user's post and content contain hundreds of likes, people would assume that this person or business is legitimate since "likes" serves as social proof. The more likes you have, the more chances for your business content reaching potential clients and customers.

One way to build social proof is to buy likes on LinkedIn from reputable social media marketing providers. This is the fastest method to leverage on LinkedIn Likes to build your social proof.

2. Improve Your Social Profile

The goal in this post is to funnel traffic into your blog by utilizing LinkedIn, so you should start by improving your profile.

First of all, make sure you have the basics correct. You should have a decent photo of you or the business you're running, a summary of your job and a brief history of your experience at work. Don't forget the value of these fundamentals. After this, In order to drive more traffic to your Wordpress blog, you can find out what is the best Wordpress alternative for your site also you may attach your blog's link in your bio to make it easy for viewers to see your website. There are many ways to find leads on Linkedin, and this is just some of those.

You may also go over to your profile and search for the Summary section. Here, you can add more information, such as your blog posts. Attach a link to a few of your best posts, bear in mind that people that wind up here are likely to learn about your company and you for the first time. Share content that will encourage them to read and click through.

3. Publish Content that Leads to Your Website

This approach can seem counter-intuitive, but hear us out. The LinkedIn publication platform has become a forum for hot topic media articles, news and stories related to industry, networking and entrepreneurship. To increase their readership, many advertisers, content marketers, and content producers are engaging and investing their time on LinkedIn. Anybody can make a post of a product or service they are selling that leads to their website on one's social media network and release it directly. It would then show up In user's feeds so that they can comment, share, and like the story using their own networks thus, your blog can spread throughout the community which can acquire more traffic. If you're focusing on publishing sales, you may want to use a Sales Automation Tool since this can help assess you in your marketing expenditures.

For bloggers, this is a perfect way to meet an operated audience of business-minded viewers. Yeah, you're going to post new content that's not going to exist on your platform. But you can include links and references to your blog inside your LinkedIn posts to continue to drive the traffic.

4. Convert LinkedIn Traffic on Your Website

Don’t stop by driving LinkedIn traffic to your website. Instead, use multiple tools to convert visitors into leads and paying customers. For example, you could launch a campaign-specific landing page designed for LinkedIn traffic where you could offer some useful educational content for free – webinar signup or a free course. To catch the leads, you can use optin forms and assign leads to a separate list for LinkedIn leads.

After your LinkedIn leads sign up on your landing page, you should continue building relations with them. This is where email campaigns will help you build awareness about your brand and help convert LinkedIn traffic into prospects and, ultimately, clients. You can choose among multiple mass email services that will help automate email communication with your leads and help personalize email content better. All this together, will help convert a visitor coming from LinkedIn into a paying customer as far as your emails are educating your audience and help resolve their challenges.

5. Join and Engage in Groups on LinkedIn

Now, let's get some people to check your profile. Participating and joining in communities and groups can be a perfect way to do this. One of the Golden Followed Rules in Content Marketing is that you cannot presume to get traffic without offering anything in return. You typically provide value, understanding, and inspiration. For LinkedIn, the same is true.

LinkedIn Groups are a perfect place to connect with friends and future clients. The huge directory is here. Promotion is also frowned upon, which is why you may need to participate in conversations peacefully that do not lead to immediate traffic to your site. The more you support people, the more you'll get profile views. And you're in a great place to win traffic if you've added your website's link in your bio.


By utilizing Linkedin, There are countless ways to drive more traffic to your website or Wordpress blog. Since thousands of people around the globe use Linkedin, it gives you more chances of reaching potential clients and viewers that can boost your business and brand.

If you're aiming to get more followers, viewers and website visits in the future, then don't forget to take note of this article — It'll surely help you in the long run.

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