9 Golden Rules of Writing Content for Your Website

9 Golden Rules of Writing Content for Your Website

The Internet overflows with numerous webpages – some better than others. But the truth is that, due to the competitive nature of the business market, it has become more and more challenging to write content that sells. Due to the abundance of websites, it is more and more difficult to catch the attention of your target audience and to keep your reader engaged and interested. 

But there are definitely some rules that will make it easier for you to accomplish your targets. As long as you keep them in mind, you’ll be able to produce high-quality content that converts leads. 

Write for your audience

This is, without a doubt, a golden rule which, even though it sounds simple, it is not necessarily so. The truth is that many writers fail to write for their audience. This is why, when it comes to drafting content, it is critical to put yourself in the shoes of your target reader or costumer. What information might he/she be looking for? What type of information would be attractive? How should this information be organized and presented for excellent results?

Answering these questions will simplify things for you significantly. A proficient writer, such as the ones at FreshEssays, will always consider these aspects before creating an essay or any other type of writing for a change. 

Keep it short and simple

The truth is that, when browsing online, few people have the patience to read bulky texts with a lot of information. Ideally, the information should be easy to digest and organized in an attractive way. This is the only way in which you can keep your audience engaged in an online realm overflowing with content. 

The truth is that some of your website’s visitors might not even be interested in doing a lot of reading. What they are more interested in is finding key info about your products or services. And that’s what you should provide them.

The information should be scanner-friendly

If you were utterly frank with yourself, you would admit that whenever you go online, you expect the information to be easy to scan. You don’t want to have to look hard for information. Most people want to know the hard facts only. There are only few who actually want to digest more info. 

This is why you should use clear headlines and organize the information accordingly so that both categories of readers can get what they want. 

Include great calls to actions

Let’s cut it down to the chase – the reason why you’re investing a lot of resources in your website is to convert leads. And the one way to do that is by including a convincing call to action. As a rule of thumb, a call to action should immediately create a sense of urgency – something that will make your audience make a purchase!

Write powerful headlines

By all means, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of coming up with the right headlines. This is as critical as it can get. There are some formulas that bring results, such as using interesting adjectives, numbers, unique rationale, or questions such as when, why, how, what, and so on and so forth. 


You hear a lot these days about SEO. And that’s not all for nothing, since SEO can significantly boost your website’s visibility in a sea of websites. So, make sure you include keywords that are relevant to your business and industry. 

Show more

Instead of including big chunks of text, you should show more. Stick to short, snappy descriptions that will address the questions your audience might have. Being very specific and to the point will also help when it comes to SEO!

Make the text understandable

This is especially important if your business focuses on a very specific niche. Ideally, you want your website to be appealing both to professionals and to people who are new to the field. Using a language that is accessible matters a lot in this respect. As a rule of thumb, you should always provide hyperlinks when you make important statements. 

Include visual content as well

Although written content still converts, it works best when you combine it with visual content. That’s because the human brain responds to visual content. Not to mention that we process visual information much faster than text. This is why you shouldn’t neglect this part of marketing either.

Writing content can be challenging – especially if we were to think of how competitive the Internet has become. But the rules above will make your content more efficient. On top of that, you could always implement the changes you see necessary for boosting the website’s performance! 

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