8 Top Tips How To Use Seasonal Marketing For Your Affiliate Program

8 Top Tips How To Use Seasonal Marketing For Your Affiliate Program

Seasonality is the dependence on the demand for a product/service at a certain time. For example, the season of the year. Seasonal products tend to fluctuate in demand annually, quarterly or monthly. In this case, the main task is to maximize sales during the period of demand for the product. For example, through affiliate marketing.

Next, we will show you how to integrate the two promotion strategies to achieve maximum results. We will also describe practical solutions to ensure correct process control and effective synergy of efforts.

Plan your promotions

Each season has special dates. For example, winter is associated with Christmas discounts. Spring is International Women's Day. Black Friday takes place in the fall. Such holidays are tied to specific dates, so promotional offers, like Black Friday pop ups, can be planned. It is worth writing them down separately so that you will never forget them.

Find Topical Affiliate Marketers

All kinds of sweaters and knitted socks are seasonal items associated with the winter holidays. However, not all products are such. If a company sells tanning products, then the demand for products is highly dependent on the season. This means that we need to speed up the advancement in the summer.

Cooperation with thematic bloggers will help in this. For example, surfers, beauticians, or travelers. Look for affiliate marketers who specialize in the product-related industry.

Come up with great promotions

Make your sentences fun. By adding it to your promotion, you will increase the engagement of affiliate partners and buyers. Plus, build brand awareness. You can also send cold emails to your prospects and let them know about your offer/discounts.

There are many ways to implement this idea. One of them is the alternation of discounts. Such a solution is great for increasing the desirability of large company holiday promotions. For example, you can make a small discount every Thursday. Another option is promotions dedicated to a specific date. Or if you provide services, a discount for online booked appointments.

Let's imagine that there is an online store of household goods, the main purpose of which is to bring comfort to family life. The positioning allows the company to make a big sale ahead of Christmas and small discounts on family-related holidays. For example, Mother / Father's Day and Children's Day.

An additional advantage of the above solution is the convenience and clarity of the marketing strategy for affiliates. Affiliates will be able to choose the sales funnels that suit their audience.

Inform about promotional offers in advance.

An experienced affiliate marketer can quickly advertise a product. However, the question is how it will turn out and what the company could get if the partner had more time. Also, the urgency is exhausting.

If you want to create long-term and most effective partnerships, then take the trouble to warn about the developed discount in advance. This will give the partners time to come up with the best ad. This point is especially relevant for complex products. Warn about upcoming discounts well in advance and affiliate marketers can guide their target audience through the sales funnel. You will get the warmest clients possible.

Concentrate on the highest priority products

There are a few things that companies often overlook. First, there is a large assortment. Secondly, each heading brings different earnings. Thirdly, affiliate marketing involves a decrease in the income received by the company due to the payment of bonuses to partners.

Therefore, it is worth thinking about one or more headings that need to be sold. It is recommended to choose expensive items. These are often the most profitable positions.

Plus, focusing on specific company positions will make it easier for affiliate marketers. Now there is no need to choose a product. Since you are showing a position that needs to be increased in sales, partners can only come up with great ads.

Provide affiliates with marketing materials

The launch of any marketing campaign is accompanied by the creation of promotional materials. You can tailor them to meet the requirements of social media so that affiliate marketers can use banners. Looking for an affiliate marketing job? Check here.

Some business owners may not like this idea. It is worth noting, however, that you are more interested in seeing the seasonal offer produce great results. The creation of advertising materials for partners provides several advantages at once:

  • guaranteed high-quality content;
  • saving time will allow partners to concentrate on promoting your product;
  • compliance of advertising campaigns with the style of the brand;
  • increasing awareness (especially if you provide advertising materials all year round).

Develop additional bonuses for affiliate marketers

Businesses pay a lot of attention to building relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners. However, many people forget about affiliate marketers. Although this is also a partnership.

Marketers sell your products to their target audience for an award. However, they are partners of the company. Consequently, this relationship should also be strengthened.

How to do it? For example, by suggesting:

  • a higher percentage of commission for the sale (you can set it only on priority commodity items);
  • competition among affiliated marketers with a motivating gift (eg laptop);
  • visiting your company's office (for example, the best affiliate marketers);
  • free training courses about your products (excellent networking option).

Communication with affiliate marketers

Difficulty selling during the discount period - extremely high competition. Affiliate marketers feel it too. It is often during these periods that they have the largest number of promoted products. Therefore, it is recommended to keep in touch with partners and remind yourself.

Also, a good offer should be limited in time. This is why Black Friday is only 24 hours long. During this period, questions may arise. For example, how to try on a product, is there an exchange option, or how to sell downloads. Questions always come up.

However, if the supply is limited in time, it is necessary to respond as quickly as possible. Delay can be worth the lost trade. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the number of managers interacting with affiliate marketers during such periods.


Affiliate marketing is one of the popular ways to promote. However, it delivers excellent results for some companies and disappoints for others. Do you know what the difference is? In planning.

For affiliate marketing to bring results, it should be planned correctly. It is necessary to take into account the specifics of cooperation. Especially when it comes to seasonal products. The company will have little time to promote, so it is important to use it as effectively as possible. Create promotional materials to help affiliates, encourage them, and determine what exactly needs to be sold.

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