8 Effective Ways To Create Better Interactive Storytelling Platform

8 Effective Ways To Create Better Interactive Storytelling Platform

Storytelling has become a good strategy to make your brand name. It is an interesting way of marketing that pulls people closer to your site to read more. If your product or service is new in the market, you need a creative way of marketing it which will stand out from what customers are used to reading. It is easy to interact with a platform through storytelling and below are ways to do so:

1. Be Original

As much as people borrow marketing ideas from other brands, it is important to make your story as original as possible. This will attract more customers to you to learn more. Once readers come across a post that they have read before, despite being on a different brand, they lose interest and think it is something they know of. Get catchy and interesting brand names and titles of your stories. If you visit the Danish Marketing Podcast you will learn more about how to make marketing more interesting through stories.

2. Be Unique

There is a mistake that marketers make when advertising their products or services – copying an advert and editing it using your brand name. You need to create your own way of storytelling that will give you an identity.

3. Create Relatable Narratives

The importance of socializing is that people care about people. In order to make your content relatable, present the audiences with a person they can identify with. You can try and use a famous person that people love and enjoy reading about.

4. Listen More

Paying attention to your followers will give you inspiration and get to know if your content was well-received. Build conversations, test with your content and wait for the flow of comments. This is the key to building effective stories on social media, especially when you have the attention of your audiences.

5. Communicate what you Stand For

Let your followers know what your brand actually cares about. This is important for it opens conversations on your platform and you get to know what they say about your brand. You learn about the audiences that you support the same thing after the conversation attracts followers.

6. Have an Identity

Being a storyteller on social platforms means that you have to identify your chances as well as rough edges and sometimes demonstrating them in the presence of the audiences. You need to know how to make your brand distinct and pack it with memorable flavor.

7. Be Timely

Be updated and try to create momentum on you’re the platform with current stories and not always about your brand. This will attract more followers for you to come and read the latest. Through this, they get to know about your brand.

8. Be Friendly

As a storyteller, you need to be friends with your audiences. If you need to respond to comments and questions, make sure you use a tone that will not sound harsh and rude. Have a friendly way of relating to them.

If you need to make your brand popular and attract more customers, you need to be a very good storyteller. Be creative in your stories and learn your audiences well. Get to know how they feel about your stories and change where you find not so pleasing. It is very easy to win clients by interacting with them through storytelling on social platforms. Just be keen and try the above ideas.

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