7 Ways To Optimize WordPress Site For Mobile

7 Ways To Optimize WordPress Site For Mobile
The new generation of smartphones has been transforming lives to a huge extent. Mobile solutions blended with WordPress sites are also in high demand. That being said, it is becoming mandatory to optimize your WordPress website for mobile-friendly users.

Are you wondering about the ways to optimize WordPress sites for mobile? If yes, you must read this article.

Around fifty-one percent of smartphone users claim that they find new products and brands by mobile searches. That being said, WordPress mobile optimization boosts the chances of getting more recognition on behalf of the consumers and potential visitors. Besides, that reduces the risks of losing potential customers who opt for browsing online content.

Tips to make WordPress Website Mobile-friendly

Strategies listed in this article are highly fit for optimizing sites and offering a frictionless experience to the visitor on the WordPress website:

1) Use of Responsive Plugins & Themes

Plugins find use in the expansion of the features and functionalities of the website. With a plethora of options for different kinds of plugins, WordPress can give a rich user experience. Make sure that the plugins are responsive with widgets and CTAs. Such specifications make sure that it can adapt to various screen types. With mobile optimization plugins like WPtouch, the experience becomes even better.

With the utilization of the appropriate plugins, you can get mobile-friendly versions of WordPress optimized for mobile. So, it becomes useful in optimizing appearance. Ensure that the plugins are always up to date and compatible with the WordPress updates.

Besides utilizing the precise plugins, pay attention that the theme for your WordPress website should also be responsive and dynamic. The mobile-optimized theme is the best one for better results. You can also get a custom theme that is booming in the form of well-designed responsive themes for your website.

2)  Optimizing Media

According to the revelations of HTTP Archive, images take 50 percent of a web page’s overall weight on mobile devices. Media, like images and videos, must be in the form that bears more aesthetic appeal to the website.

Besides, also pay attention to the enrichment of the content. Bulky media slows down the website and affects load time. Always take care in optimizing the website to not take more than three seconds to load.

The delay can invite the risk of losing a potential consumer. Discard files with huge sizes and which are not optimized. It can be one of the best approaches to optimize your site. Compression tools optimize the files without affecting the quality of the image. Always take care in compressing it.

With precise tools, you can also take care of restoring the original version. You can also optimize media files with the help of the lazy loading technique. It can take care of issues related to optimizing the load speed. With that, you can rest assured that it will be setting the barrier to the image load time while also giving the preferences to the textual content.

The reduction of the load on the server and increasing the speed give the required results. Always pay attention that you are never allowing the images to affect the performance of the website.

Besides that, pay attention that the versions can also address the issues using the default pattern. Also, search for the smallest version of the image that will be available on your server.

This decision can make sure that the optimization of the website doesn't go in vain. Setting up the Google AMP on the website can also work for speeding up WordPress for mobile. When you consider it, there is the opportunity of enabling the stripped-down HTML copies of the existing page content while ensuring a faster growth time.

3) Testing the Mobile Sites

Experiments at Google suggest that a half second’s difference in load times leads to a 20 percent reduction in overall web traffic. So, you can understand what kind of pathetic encounter it can be for the business.

Having a WordPress site means that it will be offering the easiest way for checking mobile-friendliness. Speed up your site for mobile with the numerous online tools that will be good enough for a system to get checked in multiple ways.

You can also use the tools that are mobile-friendly and find out the strengths or weaknesses lying on your website. All you have to do is just paste the URL of the website and then go ahead with the test.

It can help in testing the performance across the different mobile devices as well as screen types. After that, you can get a detailed report.

Thus, you can identify the problem and go ahead with working on them appropriately. Checking the responsiveness of the web design theme and picking the one that will be the more informed decisions is a must.

4) Enabling the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages in WordPress

Enabling the Google accelerated mobile pages reveal that more than 80 percent of the publishers get higher viewability rates. Again, more than 90 percent of the publishers drove greater engagement with the utilization of the higher CTRs.

Google accelerated mobile pages are now one of the major factors of the Google Search Algorithm. So if you want a flawless User experience, you must make sure about enabling the Google accelerated mobile pages.

WordPress Responsive design always seems to load the web pages faster on the mobile device, making it work on a mobile-friendly website. It proves to be one of the most important ranking factors, and in this regard, you should make sure that the web pages become faster for the mobile device.

Besides, you should also implement the AMP to determine the point that you need to fix for improving the website. Gaining a SERP ranking relying on is a must because it uses the right WordPress plugin to optimize the WordPress website and gives a good experience to the mobile users.

5) Avoidance of the Use of the Full-screen Popup

Always pay attention to never using the full-screen popup in making a mobile-friendly website. Ensure that the screen is not full of the popup though they contain the call to action for the website.

Understandably, WordPress Mobile Site Optimization is the greatest way for giving enhanced user engagement on the desktop. But sometimes, it turns out to be an annoying point for the mobile user.

The full screen designed for the mobile browsers should be less complicated. In certain cases, too much use of the popup makes the experience frustrating for the customer. That being said, the poor user experience also becomes dreadful for your brand.

If you are having a popup on the content on the desktop, always make sure about adding some CSS JavaScript code. You can customize the site following the approach and get 80 percent of the results with only 20 percent of the applied effort.

The approach will be helping in identifying the browser type of the user and avoid showing the popups to the ones who are browsing on the mobile device.

Hiding the popup on the mobile device is good enough for cutting down the frustration and also optimizing the website experience at the same time. Mobile users will find it easy to go through the entire interface. Besides, you should also pay attention to using the mobile-friendly WordPress plugin for the email options, pop ups, and the CTA.

6) Utilization of the Mobile-friendly Test Tool by Google

The Google mobile-friendly test tool is really handy and will make sure that even if you want to make the trickiest WordPress website user-friendly for the visitors, you can get the needed assistance.

Always make sure that you are using the mobile-friendly WordPress test. Popular search engines can improve the mobile experience on your website. They are good enough to crack down on sites that are not mobile optimized. Always make sure about the assessment of the website that requires improvement.

Also, ensure checking the site with the help of the mobile-friendly test tool of Google for optimizing the WordPress site. The tool will be good enough for highlighting the sections of the site that are taking a lot of time to load. You can go ahead with the quick identification of the problem in the performance of the website.

7) Affordable and Reliable Web Host

All your mobile optimization can go in vain in case you don't have a reliable web host. Always make sure that you are choosing a reliable web host. You can get the opportunity of getting access to dedicated or shared hosting.

Dedicated servers are expensive but can give you more control when it comes to your website's performance and speed. But whenever you are sharing the server hardware with someone, there will be a risk.

Ensure that whenever you are taking the hosting plans, you are very sure about the reliability and the reputation of the web hosting. You can go through the past reviews before you select web hosting.

This decision will make sure that there wouldn't be problems in the long run. Also, pay attention to see that the host has the support of the caching content and is good enough to take care of the issues related to the page caching.

Since caching is responsible for significantly reducing the site load speed, it becomes mandatory to consider a reliable web host that is one of the best ways to keep the visitor interested in the site.

Key Takeaways

You can implement speed optimization tips to optimize the WordPress site for mobile and get good results in return. With the optimized site, you can rest assured about the superior grade experience offered to the potential prospects and your customers.

Author bio: Kosha Shah is a digital strategist at Technostacks Infotech Which is a top web, software, and mobile app development company in India and USA. She writes engaging blog topics for trends, mobile, and industry software news. 

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