6 Do’s And Don’ts Of Pitching A Blogger Successfully

6 Do’s And Don’ts Of Pitching A Blogger Successfully

Blogger outreach is a strategy that has been gaining steam over the years. Bloggers can greatly contribute to building your brand, both by driving relevant traffic to your website and strengthening trust for your business. However, convincing a niche influencer to publish your content on their blog can be a humongous task. Here are some guidelines that you can adhere to while pitching a blogger for implementing your outreach strategy.

Do pursue them socially

To start with, you need to work on building relationships rather than just pitching them directly. Do like and share their posts and comment as well to give a personal touch to your interaction with them. This approach helps you to maintain regular connection with them and they are more likely to know you and accept your content.

Do offer relevant and valuable content

Outreach experts at OutreachMonks prioritize content offering over everything else when it comes to pitching an influencer successfully. The best way to do so is by understanding the kind of content they post on their blog and build a similar offering for them. Convince them that your guest post blogging will be value-adding and have the potential to engage their readers.

Do personalize your pitch

Bloggers are humans and they are more likely to be persuaded if you personalize your pitch rather than follow pre-designed templates. Ensure that you have a well-written mail, which also has a great subject line that says it all about your offering and how it will benefit the influencer. Keep the mail content concise and simple as well.

Don’t ditch research

If you are not doing research properly, you will not be able to achieve success. It is critical to have your guest posts published on niche relevant sites that are authoritative as well. Lack of research will probably lead to pitching to an irrelevant blogger or the pitch not being impressive enough. Both ways, you lose your chance of getting published on an authoritative blog.

Don’t be assertive 

If you are targeting an influencer to get your content published on their site, don’t ever be assertive in your tone. The idea is to convince them about the value of collaborating with you rather than declaring that your post is a “must publish” for them. Professional service providers such as Blogger Outreach Services from OutreachMonks can prove to be very useful in such a case. The professionals are accustomed to manually outreaching.

Don’t think that you are doing them a favor

Don’t have a misconception that you are sharing free content with the blogger as a favor. Even if you are not getting paid by the blogger, getting your post on their site is a fortunate thing for you. A guest post gives you a quality backlink as well as drives referral traffic to your website. Moreover, it gives you exposure to the followers of the influencer as well.

Establishing long-term relationships with popular influencers in your domain is a challenging task. But you should still invest all the efforts that you can because the results that this strategy can bring are highly beneficial and sustainable as well.

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