5 Tips On How To Design Your Blog

5 Tips On How To Design Your Blog

Every book writing service expert and webmaster knows that content is king. But it is not the only factor that can elevate your blog.  The design of a blog is as important as its contents. And if a blog's design doesn't make visitors to feel comfortable, bounce rate will not only increase; you may never find some visitors on your blog again. However, designing a blog or making it look professional is not a daunting task. Just a little tweak and you are good to go. Below are tips you can follow to design your old or new blog right away.

1. Choose font size and colour wisely

One of the things that can make or break a blog is font and colour choices. When you choose the right colour, your blog will appear professional in the eyes of visitors. Regarding fonts, you can limit your choices to only three. In other words, don’t choose more than three font sizes for your blog. You can use a different font on the body text, headline, and logo. The idea is to differentiate and make these sections visible. 

You should also follow the same standard when choosing a colour scheme. Choose colours that complement one another and also limit your option to just three colours. 

2. Build a logo

Your logo is the identity of the blog. It’s like the identification card (ID card) we carry around. Unfortunately, many blogs don’t have logos, making it difficult to differentiate them from other competitors. The bottom line is if you have a blog, ensure to design a distinctive logo for that blog. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate one. Make it simple but unique to your blog. But if you can’t design yourself, you can seek the help of a professional designer. You can still make contributions that will help the designer to create something that matches your taste. 

3. Don’t sacrifice white spaces on your blog

The white areas on your blog should be left alone. They help to give your blog design some breathing room and even make visitors more comfortable when they land on your website. Don't sacrifice the white spaces on your blog for some design elements that will make it look unprofessional and unpleasant in the eyes.  Instead, create extra white spaces on your blog. It will help your visitors to focus on essential elements like your call to action and other critical areas. 

4. Create a professional-looking email subscription option

When you ask visitors to subscribe to your blog, you are literarily urging them to trust you. Trust is a big word in today’s world where cyber security is a top priority. And so many people are not comfortable releasing their email addresses unless they believe the person in question.So to build that trust, you need to create an email subscription form or option that looks professional. If you have been featured in top news forum or website, don’t fail to mention them on your opt-in form in a strategic way. In short, include any information that will project you as a true professional.  You can also specify what the visitors stand to gain from subscribing to your email list. 

5. Use quality images

Another thing that can make or break the design of a blog is the quality of photographs used. A poor quality photograph will make your blog to look unprofessional and might also make it difficult for visitors to trust your brand. So try to use quality stock photographs on all your posts or blog in general. 


The design of a blog is very vital to the success of any online business. Even if all your contents are top-notch, they won't have much impact if the blog's design is a mess. And if you are in a highly saturated niche, you need to make your blog design exceptional to stand out. According to my homework done experts, you will also find it much easier to build a solid reputation and achieve your goal with a blog design that stands out.

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