5 Tips For Choosing A Theme For Your WordPress Website

5 Tips For Choosing A Theme For Your WordPress Website

Many times, when choosing a theme for our site, we just pay attention to its design and forget to evaluate some other very important points. Just like when we choose watches like Omega watches or Rolex watches. In this article, discover other things you should also consider when choosing a theme for your WordPress site. As you may already know, there are also free and paid themes (also called premium themes). Each has its advantages and disadvantages and it is important that we know what are the time to choose the theme that we will use on our site, thus avoiding problems when configuring it.

Here are some of the points I always evaluate before choosing a website theme. Let's check it out?

1. Appearance is important but not everything.

By customizing the theme with your project data, you will put your colors, logo and images, right? Keep in mind that doing so will look very different from the model you have chosen. The difference is not the structure: it's just the content ... but the face will change a lot.

Try, as you evaluate the theme, to imagine how it would look with some of your texts and images that have to do with your project. If you have a little knowledge of HTML / CSS use the developer's tool to change some images, text and colors to see what they would look like for you. If you do not know this tool, give a print screen on the screen and, in an image editor, try to replace with your images and text. It won't look 'perfect', but then you will already have an idea of ​​how it will behave with your content.

2. Are the theme colors customizable?

This question goes for free themes. Imagine that you saw a beautiful theme that is perfect for you, but the color is not the same as the one you use in your project. Not being able to change colors will directly reflect the visual identity of your project, and if the theme does not allow you to set colors in the customization panel itself, this will only be possible programmatically.

3. Is there support in a language you speak? Is support efficient?

This item seems very "obvious", but we always forget about it when buying. It is very important that the developers of your theme support and also that they are "active" in the market, that is, they are continually maintaining the theme, even to adapt it to wordpress updates themselves.

Normally, when we buy a theme, it comes with 6 or 12 months of email support, and this support can be renewed for a fee. You can trigger support in a number of situations, such as: some error setting up the theme, some functionality not working properly, if you need a tutorial, etc.

4. Is this theme compatible with plugins you will use?

Let's say you want to make a website in two languages ​​or you want to install Optimizepress to make capture and sell pages on your site. Is the theme you are choosing compatible with these plugins? There are many themes incompatible with language plugins or even incompatible with Optimizepress. In case if your theme is incompatible with Optimizepress you can install optimizepress on a subdomain, however it will be another site for you to take care of. But if it is incompatible with the translation plugins, then you will either have to look for another plugin or try to contact the developers to check for adaptability.

5. The theme is beautiful but it is heavy. Worth it?

Imagine that you choose a super beautiful and full featured theme. But imagine now if it is heavy and each time someone goes in, it takes like 30 seconds to open. Complicated, isn't it?

On the internet, people expect everything to happen very quickly. If the theme you choose is beautiful but takes a long time to load, it may be that most users who visit your site don't even see the beauty of it because they don't have the patience to wait.

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