4 Important Things You Shouldn’t Miss Having On Your Website

4 Important Things You Shouldn’t Miss Having On Your Website

Designing a website may seem like an easy task from afar but, most of those who have tried can testify to the fact that it is quite the opposite. Granted, anyone can put some components together and call it a website but, in order to create a good website with compelling content, there are several things you need to keep in mind. According to experts, there are certain elements that a website should have, that put it on a higher pedestal than other ordinary websites. 

This article has gathered some of the elements we think are the most important and we listed them below.

1-  About us page

It is the easiest way to let people know the purpose of your website. While most people overlook having one, an about us page is actually quite important. Most people are too busy to go through every section of a website and scour it for information so, the existence of such a page saves them a lot of time and effort. Moreover, most search engines nowadays are using a Search Engine Optimization software that filters websites according to their content, so it would not be a bad idea to have a page that describes in details what your website is and what does it do. It would definitely go a long way in directing traffic towards your website.

2-  Contact Information

A website should have a clear section where visitors would be able to find several ways to contact the website or the company running it. Most people still do not have faith in technology; they prefer talking to humans directly which is why if they do not easily find the contact information they would immediately leave the website. Other than that, people are never fully satisfied with the information on a website so, they need somebody to contact which should be made easy using a distinguished “contact us” section.

3-  Forms

Forms are an easy way for people and websites to communicate. You can get feedback, receive inquiries from people and gather subscriptions for newsletters or monthly offers. If you are going to build a form, it should be short and to the point; without requiring unnecessary additional information.

4-  Interactive text

What is that? It is a text that your visitors can interact with. Take hyperlinks, for example; they make life so much easier. When people are reading a paragraph, they may get several questions and topics that they would like to get more information on. Now, if you happen to have an article written on that topic and you make the link accessible by highlighting a related phrase and making it clickable, this would save them a lot of effort that they would spend searching for answers.

In a nutshell

A good website should facilitate the process of gathering information for its visitors. In order to do that, you need to have certain components and while some are common on every website, you have to identify the ones that will specifically serve your website.

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