3 Ways Color Can Be Used To Help You Sell More

3 Ways Color Can Be Used To Help You Sell More

When it comes to creating visual elements for a website or any other marketing materials, knowing how to work with color can make a huge difference in your ultimate success. But while this might not be something that you want to be apparent to people viewing your design, this is absolutely something you’ll want to be thinking about when creating your designs.

To help you with this, here are three ways color can be used to help you sell more with your marketing or creative materials. 

To Trigger An Emotional Response

Colors can be used to trigger specific emotional responses in people. While this might not be something that you’re particularly going for with your design, it’s good to at least know what the emotions are that many people subconsciously associate with specific colors. 

Each color is going to be able to elicit a variety of emotions for people. So if there is a type of feeling you want people to have when they view your design, make sure you’re using a color that lends itself to this feeling. For example, red can make people feel energy, passion and desire. 

On the other hand, blue appeals to intelligence, authority, and trust. Yellow can make people feel happy and optimistic while green represents balance and growth. Depending on what you’re hoping to accomplish and how strong of an emotion you’re wanting people to have when seeing your design, the colors you choose will vary. 

To Pull In More Attention

If you’re worried about being able to get the attention that you want from your design, you will want to be careful about what colors you pick and how you use them in your design.

In general, the color red can make people stop in their tracks and take notice of whatever your design or messaging is. Keep in mind, however, that color choice should also depend on what other colors will be around your design. So if there are all kinds of other red designs around yours, red likely won’t be something that draws the attention you’re wanting. In this situation, you’ll likely want to go with something on the opposite end of the color wheel. 

To Convey Something About Your Brand

Another thing you’ll want to consider when deciding what colors to use in your designs is what you’re trying to convey about your brand. Similar to the emotions that you can bring out in other people, certain colors will subconsciously cause people to make certain assumptions about you. By knowing what you want people to feel about your brand, you can then choose a color that will easily do this for you without you having to do too much convincing on your part. 

If you’re wanting to better connect with your customers and clients and sell more of your product or service, consider using the tips mentioned above to see how the use of colors can help you do this. 

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