3 Simple Strategies For Attracting And Keeping Employees

3 Simple Strategies For Attracting And Keeping Employees

More and more recruiters consider their work to be similar to marketing because they try to promote the company to attract the right candidates. Keeping in mind the fact that good employees are scarce, a solution must be found to differentiate your company from other companies looking for staff.

Employee retention is actually an extension of the recruiting process. The hiring process does not stop the moment you hire an employee, but continues in the long term. For this reason, it is good that your employees continue to feel engaged and satisfied in their roles.

How can we do this?

Using staffing methods that are less common to the competition. Channel diversification is also a very good recruiting strategy.

In this article you will learn:

  • What are the main problems in the staffing process
  • What are the best 3 methods of finding staff
  • Which new channels should you approach to reach the right candidates?

What are the main problems in the staffing process?

Unqualified candidates

Over 80% of recruiters face the problem of unqualified candidates. Although they have applicants for the jobs, most applicants do not have the proper training for the jobs they are seeking. These people want a paycheck stub maker. Unfortunately the migration of specialists to other countries has led to a staffing crisis.

Targeting passive candidates

The workforce consists of 30% active candidates, while 70% are passive candidates. These passive candidates are workers who aren't looking for a new job, but could be interested if recruiters find a way to attract them.

Because these people are not looking for work, their CVs are not up-to-date and are harder to find on jobbing platforms.

Attracting the right candidates

Although they manage to attract many candidates for the interview, most staffing experts report that they rarely succeed in attracting the right candidates for the available jobs. One of the reasons why they experience this problem is because the partitioning was not done properly. For that reason there are a lot of disengaged employees.

Τhe importance of employee retention

The cost of constantly recruiting and replacing employees is quite costly. It is estimated that the departure of an employee can cost the company equal to 2 times his salary. Losing an employee can also have a negative impact on your team. Constant replacements of team members can create stress and you may face difficulties in finding the right replacement.

Therefore, it is vital to focus your attention on retaining your employees as an extension of the recruitment process. When you hire an employee, it does not mean that they will stay with your company for the long term. Focus on keeping your staff happy and you won't need to hire as often. Try the strategies below if you're having trouble retaining your employees.

The best methods of finding staff


A referral program is ideal for finding staff. When you offer bonuses to employees who refer qualified friends to work for the company, you reduce the cost and time of finding staff.

So a referral program motivates existing employees, improves company culture and brings in the right candidates.

Head Hunting

Reaching out to potential candidates directly can be helpful because it shortens the hiring process and helps you contact only those candidates you think are suitable for the available position.

To use this method you must have a database of candidates or use a tool that can help you segment candidates.

Social media

Finding staff online is becoming more and more common. That is why it is recommended to try posting paid ads on social media.

To make sure you attract the right candidates and get applicants, don't forget to create a complex company page full of useful information.

Employee retention strategies

1. Be selective in the hiring process

Mistakes are often made in hiring, but there is a lot you can do to ensure you make better hiring decisions for the company. It's okay to be selective, and it's good to have specific criteria about what you're looking for. Don't rush into a hiring decision just to fill the gap. Try to think long term. Every new person who joins your company can create a positive or negative impact. Take more time to decide on a hire, and it will help you hire more suitable people for your team.

2. Be more relaxed with the dress code

Such an attitude can have a big impact on your company culture. Today, there is a greater desire to adopt a less formal look. People want to feel comfortable at work. It is sometimes one of the many things employees consider when considering companies they want to work for.

3. Pursue open communication

Maintaining an open line of communication with all your employees is of great importance. People want their voices to be heard and their opinions to count. Be open to new ideas, listen to your employees when they have concerns, and be honest. Talk to your staff as often as you can.

New channels for finding staff

In terms of candidates, one of the most interesting channels is Reddit. In this channel you can also post paid ads, but you can also interact with inactive candidates to learn their interests.

Online communities are also suitable for finding qualified personnel.

Using YouTube videos to grab the attention of candidates is another innovative idea. You can create a YouTube channel for the company and post videos when you have a new job opening.

You can also post videos from team building or office events on YouTube. This is how you help candidates get to know the work environment and company culture.

These are just a few channels you can try to see if the right candidates for you are there. You will definitely find the right channels and the right staffing methods for your company.

Which staffing method will you choose?

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