12 Biggest SEO Content Trends Of 2022

12 Biggest SEO Content Trends Of 2022

Search engine optimization today is a thing that you won't surprise anyone with. Millions of services and products that are offered to users over the Internet are sold thanks to the competent and professional use of SEO tools. And the easier the client perceives the content, the more successful the offer can be considered.

Depending on the features of the online platforms you use, the requirements for different optimization metrics will vary. Let's consider the most common of them, which can be called the trends of 2022.

1. Artificial intelligence is a key component of Internet marketing

In order for the strategy of the development of the Internet resource to be successful, you need to pay attention to the key points - traffic, backlinks, publications in social networks, etc. Everything that makes it possible to be in touch with potential customers. The use of artificial intelligence allows for changing the way people interact with content for the better. AI developers continue to work to further improve and strengthen their ability to analyze user experience.

2. Using voice search

More and more users prefer this type of information search on the Internet. Therefore, you should consider and optimize keywords for queries. The peculiarity of their selection is that voice search responds better to phrases that are used in everyday use. However, it is better to use concise phrases in the search, consisting of keywords and frequent queries.

3. Mobile version

The use of modern gadgets to meet practically all information needs of users is very common today. Therefore, it is worth testing your resource for mobile version extensions. For this, there are free services that issue detailed reports. For example, Google has its own service that allows you to evaluate the usability of your site for users on mobile devices.

According to research, in 2025 there will already be 72.6% of, mobile users, from the total mass of traffic. Therefore, such a version should be considered the main one when creating your resource and should be oriented toward a mobile audience.  Nowadays, people are the most active on Facebook through mobile. If brands use the Facebook post scheduler to post regularly on Facebook, they get improved traffic to their website.

Also, if you’re really into mobiles, you can create an app, and if you don’t know, where to start, try to learn about mobile app development costs first.

4. Compliance with Google EAT principles

The content must be of high quality and meet the principles of EAT (experience, authority, reliability). Every web page should provide the user with necessary and useful content. This affects the interest of potential customers and the ranking in the search engine. To ensure this, it is necessary to approach content planning very carefully, check the reliability of the information, and refer only to authoritative sources.

5. Content format matters

According to one MOZ study, article length matters. Thus, the content of 3,000-10,000 words is spread most of all. But you should not forget about the quality of the material and not just its volume. The information should be accessible and useful and not leave the reader without a reaction. To focus his attention on the content, you need to emphasize - catchy headings, practical subheadings, lists, etc. Especially if you are targeting the mobile version. The user must be able to share what he has read.

6. Advantages of fragments over text

There is also an opportunity to attract the client not only with a long and analytical text but also with a short but apt recommended fragment. Typically, snippets are placed above all search engine results. This can be a product review, its price, a call to action, or an "also wanted" section.

7. Predictive search

This is another possibility of artificial intelligence, which allows a selection of similar relevant goods and services on the basis of a systematic analysis of the user's search queries. Over time, there is a chance to determine exactly what the client is interested in. This Google Discover tool has been in operation for five years, constantly improving the analysis algorithms.

8. Video content

Without video, an SEO marketing strategy is incomplete. After all, more users want to see and hear, not read. Therefore, it is worth starting to work on video reviews. In order for a potential viewer to find your video exactly, you need to optimize the input data - title, and description. If there are no ideas for a catchy name, you should try to start entering the first ideas into the search engine and it will automatically share what people are interested in in this niche.

In any case, video is a step forward. Today, there are more than a billion users on YouTube channel and this number is constantly increasing. Not to mention that creating and editing videos is easier than ever with smartphones and the help of an online video editor.

9. Optimized visual content

Optimizing images will allow you to purposefully use them for any purpose - buying goods, ordering services, receiving information, etc. To do this, you need to use high-quality images with a file name that should match the content of the page. And also to write the tags by which the search engine classifies the visual content.

10. The role of main and additional keywords

If earlier SEO specialists used only primary keywords to create informational content, today secondary ones are just as important. And the closer the former is related to the latter, the clearer the semantic core is and the easier it is to find out the user's search goals. Ideally, any content should be an answer to a likely customer question. And the clearer and more accessible the answer, the more likely it is that your service was in demand. Always remember that the text should be for people, not bots. Therefore, the use of all keywords should be natural and unobtrusive.

Pro tip: Besides Google, SEMrush has the largest keyword database on the web. Their Keyword Magic tool is one of the SEMrush’s best feature and a way for you to find all relevant and related phrases to include in your content.

11. Local Search Listings: A Key Tool in SEO Strategy

Modern Internet systems by their nature are oriented toward global search. However, many users are looking for local services or goods. As a result, a specialized term has emerged today - a new norm. This is a phenomenon when a request for a local value returns zero results. To get into the so-called "local package", you need to analyze the "My Business" page in the Google system. This makes it possible to understand how well the feedback is working and to independently set up targeted advertising.

12. Timely data analysis is the key to ranking

Only constant monitoring of search activity and its impact on customers allows you to create high-quality targeted SEO content and sell it to your audience. There are many tools you can use to check where you've been successful and where you need to improve. Accordingly, by constantly improving your resources, you can expect predictable success.


Taking into account all the requirements and trends of SEO, you need to form your own strategy competently and structure. And if the objective conclusions indicate that personal efforts cannot be dispensed with, it is worth engaging specialists who will help bring the online business to a new successful level. These are site developers, design, content, and SEO specialists.

Complex Internet marketing is the choice of companies that set a goal and do not just go to it, but use tools to track these goals and ultimately reach new heights. After all, today online resources represent a whole world in which users are offered everything. And through the prism of a large number of offers, it is important to maintain competitiveness and adapt to modern solutions. And also calculate the risks and possible nuances.

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