10 WordPress Themes Perfect For Business And Entrepreneurship

10 WordPress Themes Perfect For Business And Entrepreneurship

WordPress is a wonderful resource for businesses as they start up. It’s easier than ever to start a company and to foster a good online presence and WordPress is the exact sort of resource that makes things easy. One of WordPress’ best tools is the ability to use templates, pre-designed decisions on font, layout and all of the other important elements to the look of your website. Sadly, a lot of companies don’t take full advantage of this, opting to use the basic options. So, let’s take a look at the ten best themes for your business or sole trader site.


Moober is a wonderful option for anyone who is starting a website to showcase their work. This can be anything from design to artwork, whatever you want displayed, it’ll look clean and clear with Moober. The minimalist black and white will remain unobtrusive and allow you to build a real gallery for yourself. 


Coming in at the same price point, NineCore is an elegantly designed template that appeals to people working in design itself, or architecture and urban planning. “NineCore really evokes that feeling of professionalism and beauty that connects so well with those looking for some sort of architecture or interior design help”, says Marcus Pallola, content manager at Academized and Paper Fellows.


ReConstruction is a very slick looking WordPress template that gives you all the navigational design and image space for your dream restaurant website. Opening a ReConstruction site will have your visitors’ mouths watering and a very easy route towards reservations as well to make sure that you can capitalize on the tasty looking design features. What’s even more appetizing about this site template is that it’s free!


An efficient, strategic site that does what it says on the tin. It offers a great range of options to sole traders and particularly to bloggers with incredible capacity for elegantly embedding links into the site. It’s rigorous and easy to get around.


Pediatrist is a really stylish template, laid back but seductive, offering you a range of options particularly if you are a musician or other creative. It has great options for embedding media players and encourages users to stick around. “Pediatrist is a template that really evokes atmosphere. Visitors will want to stay and listen to the music or watch the content, the site itself acting as a two-dimensional jazz club or private cinema”, says Vivian Murnau, tech writer at Australian help and Stateofwriting


HiggsBoson continues the theme of being stylish and a pleasure to visit. HiggsBoson could work for a range of companies, most of which rely on imagery to appeal to visitors. Beauty salons, fashion houses, a photographer’s portfolio etc. Minimalist chic combines with huge space for image or video to create an impactful site.


This one will particularly appeal to the self employed and anyone who needs to rely on promoting themselves to make a success of their business. In a world with so much freelancing going on, DoctorCode can really help users set themselves apart from the competition.


HouseDesign is a great template that would work well for anyone looking to start a travel agency or any sort of site to do with traveling. It has excellent functionality for making bookings and is both easy to use and nice looking.


Breadly is an excellent theme for handling anything involving location. If you need a directory, for example, Breadly would be the place to start. It also has a lot of room for reviews and testimonials and will be effective at guiding customers to your store location.


Simple but delightful, Flat is your designer’s choice. Blocky bright colors are enticing but not over-complicated and helps the text to really stand out. A good choice for a whole range of sites.


In the very busy world of WordPress templates it can be easy to give up and just take the first that you see. However, you’re far better off taking the time with your choice. Hopefully this list will help guide you.

Ellie Coverdale, a marketing writer at UK Writings and Boomessays, shares her tips and tricks on digital and social media marketing with her readers. She’s interested in how businesses can boost conversions and create exciting new websites that will appeal to their audience. She teaches writing skills for Essayroo in her free time.

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