10 Reasons Every Student Should Own A Blog

10 Reasons Every Student Should Own A Blog

Typically, blogging is not taken seriously in the classroom. The formalities of classroom learning, coupled by public frowning, dismiss blogging as sheer distraction. The reality is, blogging can be central to education and learning at large. Here is how.


Absolutely, every instructor aims at creativity for more rewarding learning outcomes. The choice to introduce blogs or not into the classroom is a matter of huge argument among educators. Having a student’s blog, naysayers argue, distracts students from “more important” school activities. To own a blog, supporters argue, enables students to go beyond strict academic requirements and into wider learning horizons. I’m much for student blogs. In fact, student blogs do create creativity. By doing online research, receiving feedback and engaging readers, student bloggers learn skills hardly developed at school. More, blogging is, unlike conventional classroom learning, enables students to write more creatively. That’s, whilst essay writing at school helps students pick some basic writing skills, blogging expands on learned skills. For instance, student bloggers learn how to adapt content to a much wider audience. In class students usually write for instructors and classmates. In so doing, creativity becomes, more or less, stifled and bound largely by grades students expect for essays. In contrast, blogging makes students reconsider an idea from a completely different perspective and for a much wider audience. This is not to mention of, say, web design skills students develop to start and maintain blogs. Indeed, blogging isn’t just about writing but involves so many skills students don’t usually learn in class. So, if you’re an instructor, go ahead and encourage your students to start blogging – now! There’s so much to gain from blogging. If you’re a student, you might clearly have considered writing an essay differently and in freestyle. This is your chance to express yourself freely and creatively.Agency essaywritingservice.ca offers amazing advice on student blogging skills.

Communication Skills

Blogging is about writing and much more. While blogging, you attract more readers to your blog who might want to ask you anything or leave feedback. Of course, you might have readers from more or less the same backgrounds and interests. On the flip side, you might never know who might get interested in your blog for whatever reason. Choosing to respond to a comment or starting a new thread requires deep understanding of your reader base. This is something that doesn’t happen overnight but requires patience, time and communication skills. So, if you’re just a newbie, here is one basic advice: keep blogging and observing. Indeed, blogging should be a two-way street. After all, you’re writing to, well, someone. That someone could be a readership base you know well or not. In any case, you need how to address your readers adequately. So, keep writing, getting feedback and growing your blog. At the end of the long, dark tunnel, you’ll just see.

Going Viral

If you’re an ambitious student and you wouldn’t settle for (silly) daily writing, you can go pro. It’s now a universal knowledge many people could make money blogging. So, why shouldn’t you? (More about that shortly) But, you’re a bit too sophisticated and you believe money isn’t everything. So, you’re blogging to go viral and as you do, you don’t mind making a few extra bucks. Now, people have so many different reasons to go viral. Some blog to promote a service meant for profit such as an essay writing service. The perfect essay service is, for sure, a wildly popular service now promoted on many blogs. For some, though, blogging is meant only for fame. For others, blogging is a way to campaign for a cause. So, whatever you’re blogging for to go viral, ensure you’re keeping your message consistent. You’re never to go viral (or make money) if you give conflicting messages. Like in all forms of writing, blogging needs consistency. The community you build and reader base you address will be responsive and loyal only if you’re consistent. So, once more, keep blogging and pay attention to what your fans or readers say. You’re going to go a long way if you understand how to go viral right.

Generating Income

This is now meaty stuff. Many make money blogging. So, why shouldn’t you? Of course, you want to pick skills as you go and want to go viral. But, let’s admit it. Money is irresistible. Who doesn’t want to make more money? I know. I know. You’d say you’re a student and you may not need money that much. But, how about your girlfriend? You might want to go out and impress her. This isn’t going to happen unless, well, you’ve money – real money.

(Sorry, this is just life, buddy.) Plus, you can make money or yourself blogging. For instance, you can host ads on your blog in return for money. The more users click ads, the more money you make. But, there are also subtler ways you can make money blogging. If your blog’s grown to the point of attracting thousands of followers, you can start generating real income. Followed by so many, content in your blog is now marketable and monetizable. So, your content could be featured across many platforms and the more readers, the more money. You got it. Initially, you must blog everyday – really a lot. This should build your content gradually and, over time, develop a fan base you can count on. So, patience, more writing and multimedia editing skills are great benefits you get blogging.

Social Change

Not a money maker? Not looking for fame? It’s okay. you’re still pretty much normal. After all, life is not just about money or fame. There are much higher causes you might wish to support. If that’s what you want, then good luck, go blogging. You can already see how much has changed in the world because of blogging. You don’t need to call for a mass protest if you want a blog for social change, although you still can. Your local community might lack some services or have any kind of grievances. This is one great example of how you can use your blog to make a difference. So, make your blog a platform for social change. You can reach out for many to get local officials to action. Or, you might want to raise awareness about some environmental issue. Whatever your cause is, blogs are the place to call for action. For professional help, you can use an online resume service to promote your online profile as an agent of change. Overall, blogs are not really that bad for students. Blogs can boost creativity, develop communication skills, make you famous, generate income or become a platform for social change. If you’ve started a blog, you should really now.

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