Vertical share bar is hiding when I scroll

Latest Reply from Dave at 2016-04-07 05:51:16

I'll like to know how I can make my vertical share bar to stay on screen like yours.
When one's scroll the content on screen, the vertical share bar is going up and hide completely.


I can't find the error, but somehow the script that should add the styles: position:fixed doesn't work on your site.
Please, find the code:
#smthemes_share {position: absolute;height: 0;left: 0;top: 0;width: 100%;z-index:9999;}

inside the wpcartoons/css/wide.css file and replace it with:

#smthemes_share {height: 0;left: 0;top: 0;width: 100%;z-index:9999;position: fixed;}

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