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I am not really mad at you guys these thing's happen and I understand that. First problem is that I did not receive my password. I bought two themes from you guys roughly 30$ each. Wasn't till after I installed it that I realized I cant use it. I loved Controlpc but when it came to wpforo plugin it did not have the width I needed, not only that on the free version forum worked fine. Wasn't till I bought it that I ran into issues. Had to rebuild wordpress 3 times to correct it. Then I went and bought another theme from a different company and didnt work.. So I'm out 100 bux. Demo's don't do enough and I can read all the descriptions. I needed two sidebars one on each side for my guild.

After all of that low and behold I find a free theme (this is after days of searching for free themes before I even bought the first theme.) and it's perfect check it out @

I wanted to request a refund (hoping it would be like amazon and that smthemes would refund it. Did not expect that it would be up to the author of the theme, making it very difficult to even get a refund.

I've been building wordpress sites for two decades just about.

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