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Latest Reply from Dave at 2016-03-22 09:50:10
Is it possible to move the slider below the body on WpCartoons theme?
Hi there? Could you clarify what do you mean by "body"? Do you mean the content part of your website?
Sorry, Yes I would like to add a static page and then have the slider below.

So below the content
In this case you may find the code:
if ((is_front_page()&&$SMTheme->get( 'slider', 'homepage'))||(!is_front_page()&&$SMTheme->get( 'slider', 'innerpage'))) {?>
<div class='slider-container'>
<div class='slider-bgr'></div>
<?php $SMTheme->block_slider(); ?>

located in the header.php file of the theme and replace it to the needed part of your website.

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