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Latest Reply from Dave at 2015-07-13 09:09:23 Solution
All of our themes have “logo.psd” file in the PSD directory which can be used to create a logo.

Where can I find this?

Also, I have lots of general questions about customizing this theme. Is there a Help file I can read????
This file is located in folder "psd" in the directory of your theme.
Although saved as a PSD, this file does NOT contain the necessary layers (text, border, etc.) to allow someone to modify to suit their own site. In order to modify this file, hours of cloning must be undertaken to TRY and cover up all the default, PERMANENT text from the raw file.

To include a .psd file that will not allow changes is deceptive. A true .psd file will allow you to easily modify to suit the site.

Thank you for letting us know about this problem. We have changed PSD file in the theme. Now you may download the theme with the updated PSD file on our website (https://smthemes.com/doublestyle/)

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