Kinosearch Slider alignment off on some browsers

Latest Reply from Alice at 2016-02-09 09:55:17
Hi, I'm using Kinosearch for a new movie website and I've found an odd behavior in the home page full-page images in the slider on most web browsers.

On Chrome and Firefox on the Mac and on and Chrome and some IE versions on Windows, the slider images are appearing below the header bar, rather than behind it, pushing the secondary menu down, off the browser.

It seemed to be working initially on various browsers, but then started appearing as explained above.

Why the inconsistent behavior?

I've tried turning off all the Wordpress plugins and I haven't made any changes to the CSS.

This is currently on a GoDaddy staging Wordpress site:

Let me know how to remedy this.

Could you attach a screenshot or give us the URL of your website, please.

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