Jigoshop Wrapper Vs AmpersFilm

Latest Reply from Codz at 2013-08-29 18:38:36
I'm having trouble integrating Jigoshop into AmpersFilm - the sidebar is being duplicated in the content div, but this ONLY happens when the Dynamic Loader is enabled. With Dynamic Loading on, refreshing the page removes the extra sidebar - but it reappears when using the main nav.

Jigoshop has a tutorial out that wraps content divs, however it's not doing anything for the Dynamic Loader - the sidebars still appear.

this is the code, and the divs I believe need to be wrapped (first function) - I've placed this code at the end of functions.php

function mytheme_open_jigoshop_content_wrappers()
echo '<div id="container"><div id="content" role="main"><div id="main_content"><div id="content" class="main_content">';

function mytheme_close_jigoshop_content_wrappers()
echo '</div></div></div></div>';

function mytheme_prepare_jigoshop_wrappers()
remove_action( 'jigoshop_before_main_content', 'jigoshop_output_content_wrapper', 10 );
remove_action( 'jigoshop_after_main_content', 'jigoshop_output_content_wrapper_end', 10);

add_action( 'jigoshop_before_main_content', 'mytheme_open_jigoshop_content_wrappers', 10 );
add_action( 'jigoshop_after_main_content', 'mytheme_close_jigoshop_content_wrappers', 10 );
add_action( 'wp_head', 'mytheme_prepare_jigoshop_wrappers' );

Any thoughts as to why Dynamic Loading is causing the issue? I had trouble with Justified Image Grid, but the plugin's author helped - and noticed that wp_footer wasn't in Ampersfilm's footer.php.

I love the look of AmpersFilm - however, it would be much sleeker if the Dynamic Loader feature were working with the other plugins

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