How To Only Have Woocommerce Widgets On Shop Page

Latest Reply from Grace at 2016-07-06 04:39:42
I don't want the home page widgets showing on my shop. Is there a way to change this?

Could you clarify the URL of your website?

If you just want to hide the home page widgets on the shop page, you just can remove the right sidebar by using the Content layout bar on the post edit page.
For clarity, I have attached a screenshot.

That doesn't fix the problem because the sidebar option doesn't work. The layout still looks the same, even if I choose "no sidebars." If I change the default layout to left and right sidebars, that still doesn't fix the problem because both sidebars will show for each page with no way to disable them, because the disable option on each page is broken.

I have checked the AnimePress theme, the Content Layout options work correctly.
Could clarify whether you update the page after choosing an option or just chose one of them? Because to apply changes you need to update a post or page. The Update button is located in the Publish bar on the same page.
Yes, I updated the page when I made the edits. I cleared my browsing history, cookies, etc and restarted my browser. That didn't work. I deactivated my plugins and uninstalled them one by one to see if it was one of those causing an issue, and it still didn't work. I tried each option available to change sidebars and none of them work. I tried on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

I have visited your website and checked it. As I can see you use the WP-Super-Cache plugin, probably this is the reason why you can't disable sidebars. Please, disable this plugin, clear its cache and try to disable sidebars again.
I cleared the cache and deleted the plugin. There was still no change. I deactivated and uninstalled all the plugins, and it still didn't work. The change works on posts and pages that aren't Woocommerce. Shop, Checkout, My Account have no change when I update sidebars.
I've got the Checkout and Account page fixed, but the Woocommerce Shop page still won't change.

Sorry for taking so long to answer your message.
I have checked the WooCommerce plugin with the AnimePress theme. The Content Layout options work correctly on the Shop page so you can customize sidebars. But unfortunately, there is no option to customize sidebars on the products pages.

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