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we are using your theme BabyTurtes and we would like to buy from you the full development version.
We have only problem in mobile phone...there is the menu displayed only as Go to.. and not by name of menu.
Is it possible to modify the code of BabyTutles to be the menu visible by normal way please?
Our users are from Czech republic and we need to have there on mobile phone Czech titles.
Thank you and kind regards
Martin Zbornik
Hi there!
Yes, of course. You may modify this title inside the functions.php file of the theme. Edit the code of this function:
function smt_mobile_menu($menu_name) {

echo '<select class=\'mobile-menu\' id=\'mobile-'.$menu_name.'\'>';
echo '<option value=\'#\'>Go to ...</option>';
$func='block_'.preg_replace('/-/', '_', $menu_name).'_mobile';
if (is_callable($func)) {
echo '</select>';


which is called inside the header.php file.
Hi Dave,
thank you very much for your help!
Have a nice day,

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