Facebook Comments Box Not Loading until Refresh

Latest Reply from mmafanboygt at 2013-04-18 00:51:38

I have a problem with the facebook comment box.

It wont appear when you see the post, it will appear only if you refresh the page, have tried different plugins.

I tried it on another template, and it worked, so it has to be something with the Creation template, since the tempalte doesnt refreshes everything i think the box wont load.

Please help me with this issue, since that is a very important part of the site, and i dont want to change my theme only because of that.. i love your theme.

Thank you
ok i found the solution, but i need to add some code to the footer.. and once i do, a big nasty redline appears..

so my question now is..

If i buy the theme and activate it.. i can edit the footer freely right?

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