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At this moment we're trialing with the sweethome template for our table tennis club.

We want to add a post for each member and then later on link a photo of the member to that post. We do not want the post do display on the home page.

How can we exclude the 'members' category from displaying on the main page?

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Could you clarify your question, please. Is the category "Members" your menu item or don't you want to display the posts from this category in feed on your home page?
Hi Alice,

I don't want posts with the category 'Members' to display on the home page.

Hope you can help.


There are at least two menus in the header of your site - top and main. To customize it you have to go on page Appearance => Menus and set the created menu as a main/top menu.
Here are the intelligible instructions:
Hi Alice,

I'm not sure how I can accomplish what I want with the menu guide.

To clarify:

I want all posts with the category member to not show on I think what is called the blog roll. It automatically shows every post I add and I want to exclude that category.

Alternatively what is a solution as well to only show posts with the category 'news' on the main page.

Is there a way to exclude certain (or include just 1 category).


Unfortunately, our themes don't have this functionality. Probably, some plugins may help you.
This topic is solved implementing the PE Category Filter plugin

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