Cyrillic font needed and logo problem

Latest Reply from Dave at 2014-12-03 02:48:36
How to change the font to show cyrillic letters the same font like the original set in the theme, I mean the top menu bar? How can I change the theme font?
Also I want to ask how to move the logo a little upper? You can see in the link what I mean. Need more details because I'm new in WordPress.
A solution for the problem with your logo can be found here -
As for font, you need to select the most appropriate font for your language. It can be a free font, i.g. or paid ones. Depends on your preferences.

All changes such as change background, change font, or add new elements, etc you can do by yourself editing css and html at your own risk.
We don't provide any services, paid or unpaid, for editing themes for individual users.

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