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Latest Reply from azpaul at 2013-04-05 03:15:59

When adding keywords to the SEO portion of this theme, it puts the same keywords on all pages that are created. I am having problem coming up in Google searches after being submitted for about 3 weeks. I am thinking that some of the keywords that I am using are not relevant to other pages therefor reducing my index quality.

I have seen posts where to remove the SEO Keywords and Description but how do you add custom keywords and headers to each page? I tried to add it in the text area but that puts the meta tag in the body whick I am sure will be an issue too.

So after three weeks and even using adwords, I am still not coming up and my adword bids are very expensive. I have to think this is all relevant?

I think I really need to keep the keywords relevant to the landing page.


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