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Latest Reply from J at 2013-04-17 20:15:48

Theme: Celebrity

I've tried and tried to change the menu to show pages instead of categories and I have only managed to get it to show one page.

I followed the instructions in one of the discussion here on the forums but it only got me to the state in which I am at the moment that only one of the pages show in the menu.

How I got to this stage: in appearance -> menus in the "theme locations" tab I changed the "top menu" option to blank and the "main menu" option to one of the custom menus I've created (that would show the pages). This way only one of the pages show in the menu bar, the one that I choose in the "top menu" option.

If someone would be so kind to instruct me at how to get it to show all the custom menus I've created as I think many people have this same problem and I didn't find any help in the other discussions.

And if you could be precise as an answer like "change it at appearance -> menus" won't work for me as that is where I've been for the last six hours and I can't get it to work.

Thanks a whole bunch to whoever answers!

I'd also appreciate if someone could tell me how to change the code so that the header has more space as I want a bigger header.

Now if I upload it, it goes over the menu and the posts and everything so I think it needs some blank space.


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