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How can I change the fonts in the drop down menu? I easy changed the fonts to the main menu modifying the style.css but no change to the drop down menu.


To customize styles of these menus you have to edit the following function:

function smt_mobile_menu($menu_name) {
echo '<select class=\'mobile-menu\' id=\'mobile-'.$menu_name.'\'>';
echo '<option value=\'#\'>Go to ...</option>';
$func='block_'.preg_replace('/-/', '_', $menu_name).'_mobile';
if (is_callable($func)) {
echo '</select>';

inside the functions.php file. You may add "style" attribute to the <select> tag and write your styles there. This is the only way as these menus are generated dynamically.
Dear Dave,

thank you very much for your prompt reply. Unfortunately this is up to my skills. I was thinking if there was an easier way to do this. It doesn't matter, I will keep the present font.


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