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Latest Reply from Alice at 2013-06-25 06:01:45
Hello I have ampersfilm installed and I have the right sidebar on all pages. However on the home page I want to use widgets on a page plugin (which works fine on my other website) to add widgets under the slider on the home page and have no sidebar. Every time I do this, I get a big red banner on the bottom that I have to put back the links that were in the footer. I have not removed the links.

I also tried changing the home page to the double sidebar, one right, one left. This does also not work and gives me the same red warning. In both cases, nothing shows up other than this big red bar.

I prefer to use widgets on a page to put my information exactly where I want it. I would appreciate any help you can give me as I do not want to remove your credits. I think credit should be given where due.

Thank you
How did you try to change the layout of a page?
You can simply set the layout of a page when editing it. Simply select the "Content Layout" in a drop-down box on the right and update your page.

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