Tips To Do Guest Posting In The Right Way

Tips To Do Guest Posting In The Right Way

Guest blogging is a viable method to approach online marketing and SEO in a business. However, there are a vast majority of SEOs who do it wrong. Guest spamming can lead to a violation of the guidelines of Google. This can prove to be risky for your business. This article shows you how to do guest posting in the right way.

Why Do You Need to Hire Professional Guest Blogging Services?

Guest blogging offers a wide range of benefits in a business. It can work wonders for SEO in various ways:

  • Helps in exposing the brand to a new audience,
  • Helps in enhancing thought leadership, and
  • Helps establish your business as an industry expert.

To get the benefits from guest blogging, it is important for a blogger to be an SEO expert. Besides being a good blogger, he also has to be a PR professional. Due to this, many firms hire professionals to perform the task. 

The expert professionals at Quality Guest Post have helped several brands in several industries to find, and pitch affordable guest posts on niche and high authority blogs. 

What Makes Guest Blogging Suspicious to Google?

Google perceives guest blogging as a threat due to the following reasons:

  • Backlinks developed by bloggers to their content are not fully editorial
  • Such links are created to manipulate rankings
  • Backlinks from guest posts could be “unlabelled advertorials:
  • Guest posts are the outcome of commercial exchange when they were not outright bought

Important Strategies to Implement Guest Blogging

To get the maximum benefits from guest blogging, you need to implement it in the right way. Incorporate the above elements into your guest blogging strategies to make them effective.

Research and Analysis

This is a very important task that you need to perform to form an impactful guest posting strategy. Be careful when choosing the website that is appropriate for your business. Check their domain authority via authentic tools. Ensure that the website offers fast upload speed and high traffic.

Content Creation

To create guest posting content, you would need to be precise and right in terms of the word limit and language of the article. Elaborately explain the blog topic. Follow the instructions laid down by the publishing website for the guest posting authors.

Outreach Websites

Do not directly contact the website owner. It is suggested to contact via the contact section of the website. You should be ready to wait for some time to get a reply from the publisher.

Follow Up and Feedback

After you publish the article on another website, check whether or not everything is adequately published in terms of links, and content.

Tips to Create Powerful Guest Posting

  • Add the best guest post to the email signature. It will immediately improve the success rate.
  • Author a book or obtain appropriate credentials. It will perceive you as a serious business.
  • Your post should be effective than other posts online written on that topic. It has to be more engaging, informative, comprehensive, and targeted.
  • You should cite the sources and create information from a wide array of outlets.
  • Point to specific data, stories, or examples to create concrete ideas.
  • Appeal to the goals and emotions of the reader while being genuine and specific.
  • Offer practical, “how-to” and actionable advice in the content.
  • Read content on top tier blogs to figure out what works and what does not work.
  • Avoid the use of jargon, or occupying space unnecessarily.
  • Communicate directly to the reader.


Guest blogging when done right can provide ROI and long-term benefit to your business. You need to consider how your actions influence search traffic. Hiring a professional guest posting service provider will implement the right marketing strategies to yield promising results.

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